Tenant-Buyer Representation

If your company is in the market to lease or buy commercial space, we strongly recommend you engage a qualified broker as your tenant or buyer representative.

When your company takes on the obligation to lease or purchase real estate, there is a great deal of money at risk and a significant investment of time required. In this era of do-it-yourself everything, don’t be fooled into thinking you have all the knowledge, skills and training to do the job correctly. Even if you do, you won’t likely have the perspective to do the job well. You will face many challenges in the work of acquiring property. As qualified commercial real estate brokers, TARTAN provides the information and the expertise to guide you through the acquisition process.

Our tenant and buyer representation methodology includes a detailed needs analysis, space planning, and budget review prior to surveying available properties, including off-market opportunities. While evaluating the options, TARTAN examines all the elements that will materially impact the deal’s value. Tartan Properties Commercial will work with you to develop a personalized strategy to help you and your company meet your real estate needs, whether it is more beneficial to lease space or purchase properties.

Tenants and buyers who negotiate on their own often put themselves in a compromised position with the landlord or seller. Don’t compete on an uneven playing field. If you don’t have the market knowledge of recent sales and leasing transactions, or of what current market concessions a tenant can expect, you will lose money every time. When it comes time to negotiate for your property, TARTAN will work creatively and doggedly to protect your interests and bring the negotiations to a successful close. Throughout the process, we will be at your side watching out for you. TARTAN will ensure you get the right property and the right deal to serve you and your company’s strategy.

Case Studies

Port City Brewing Company

Finding a suitable manufacturing facility in urban Alexandria, Virginia, for a craft brewery—the first brewery in the city since prohibition!

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Silverback Strategies

Having launched from its incubator space, Silverback Strategies was only two years into a five-year lease when it found itself in major growth mode.

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Trident CrossFit

Always a supporter of fitness and health in the local community, TARTAN worked with a local entrepreneur and her husband, a former Navy SEAL, to locate space for their new enterprise, Trident CrossFit.

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