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I have worked in Alexandria for more than 20 years, and have been responsible for obtaining office space for our law firms.  Previously, we used a national, commercial realtor to represent us for a large 6 story office building, as well as lease extensions. Although they got the job done, it was clear to me that their main interest was in simply getting a deal done, any deal.  In retrospect, some of the lease terms were less than ideal, and I don’t believe it was accidental that the terms were glossed over during our negotiations. In 2018, when we needed another office space for a smaller group, we chose a different path, and selected Mike Porterfield at Tartan Properties Commercial.   Tartan is a “local-specialist,” and my experience was profoundly different.   Mike listened to what we wanted, talked about some reasonable options, and then, after listening to our reactions, picked a few properties for us to visit.  In every circumstance Mike knew the property managers at the buildings, which was important to us because they were willing to openly address our concerns about whether we were a good match for the property.  Mike just helped us close on a second property, quickly and easily.  Mike also stayed in touch with us during our first lease term, and so when it was time for our second lease, he knew want we wanted/needed and had it teed up for us perfectly.

In the past, working with a local company was not as important to me.  That has all changed now.  I like the fact that Tartan knows the local properties, and personally knows the property managers.  There is a mutual respect between them and they know their paths will cross again in the future and so all deals are fair and open.  I do not give positive recommendations easily, but for the reasons I mention above, if you have a need for commercial office space in Alexandria, Arlington, etc., I confidently recommend Mike Porterfield and his colleagues at Tartan Properties Commercial.

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