Senior Citizens League

The Senior Citizens League

The Challenge:

TARTAN was hired by this non-profit and asked to solve their real estate challenge.  At the time, the organization’s membership was growing, and its strategy required new staff and a larger board room for annual meetings.  Its leadership also had a strong desire to own their own space.  To meet their requirements and support this growth, TARTAN positioned the Senior Citizens League in a corporate office condominium on the Alexandria waterfront and quarterbacked the design-build process of their new headquarters.  Seven years later, a changed economy and evolving member needs required the organization to pivot its business model once again and find a space to support its new programming focus.


The Result:

Over the course of several years of working together, TARTAN regularly presented to the organization’s board of directors on local real estate trends and other factors affecting the value of their investment.  This relationship provided the basis for a difficult decision to begin the disposition of the property.  TARTAN’s inspiration to offer the condominium for a new and high-demand use—as an early childhood learning center—opened the property to a new type and greater number of prospects.  By supporting the client’s work with their condo board, TARTAN facilitated the modification of the building’s current regulations to allow for the education use, thereby finding the key to a swift sale.

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