May 10, 2017
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Resilience: Back To School News And Notes

Resilience. Personal and Professional

We all need it, we all want to think we have it, but do we really? Teachers have been talking about having academic resilience in the classroom in recent years. They try to teach youngsters how to bounce back from a bad grade or failed test. Additionally, they teach them to never give up. As working professionals, we are constantly being tested by various real and sometimes man-made challenges that keep us from performing at our best, for our clients and our companies.

I was reminded this summer about the concept of resiliency when I set out for a 100 mile, solo bike ride. A broken spoke left me sitting by the side of the road, 45 miles short of the finish. After calling for rescue pick-up, I caught myself spinning in anger and frustration for not completing the goal I set out to accomplish. My wife reminded me there would be more opportunities. She said to not lose sight of all the good that had come from the training. The 55 miles I did ride that early morning were great. In comparison, our work in commercial real estate demands of us to be resilient. We must overcome obstacles when trying to work through simple and complex solutions for our clients.

We don’t always get the outcomes we want but finding the best solution is always the goal. The thing to remember about “being resilient” is it’s a learned behavior that we can all practice to improve the outcomes of our personal and professional lives.– Mike Porterfield

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