May 10, 2017
trident crossfit

Trident CrossFit Relocates to New 10,000 SF Facility

January 2015 – Tartan is proud to have once again been selected to assist the area’s premier CrossFit gym Trident CrossFit in their relocation. CrossFit gyms are always a challenge to find space due to the nature of their operations. So how do you find space for a 10,000 square feet facility in an urban area under immense redevelopment pressure? Being patient and creative was the answer for owners Chriss Smith and Andrea Seward Smith.  The new space will allow the gym to continue hosting CrossFit Level 1 and 2 Certification training as well as the widely popular regional SuperFit competitions. We are very excited to announce Trident will be opening in their new location, 410 Calvert Avenue, in Alexandria, VA  next month. Andrea Seward Smith, also co-owner of the city’s beloved Misha’s coffee shop, was happy for the move to increase capacity for Alexandrian’s desire to get fit and be social at the same time.

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