May 10, 2017
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Go TARTAN GREEN on Earth Day

As the GREEN Spring weather finally arrives on Earth Day we thought it would be a good time to share a few tips to help that can help you recover from the higher winter utility bills we all just survived. No matter where you are geographically located, everyone saw a spike in their office or warehouse utility bills due to the crazy cold, snowy winter season.  Trust us, you are not alone.  The operating expenses for many DC metro area businesses have seen an increase with the extra plowing and heating costs. The good news is Spring has finally arrived, so here are a few spring cleaning tips and cost-saving ideas to help recover from higher winter expenses. Here’s how you can go Tartan Green this spring!

How to Go Green

  • Program your thermostat to turn down the temperature at nights and on weekends until Monday morning when the building staff or first person gets in.  The savings will add up over time for you.
  • Allow the sun to brighten and light your offices during peak hours.
  • Print less and scan more!
  • Double check that you are recycling all possible materials in your office. Your city recycling program will tell you about all the things that they can process.
  • Encourage employees and colleagues to bike, walk or Metro into work, even if only once a week. A little exercise can boost company moral and productivity, and assist with parking expenses.
  • Plan a blackout day.  For one day have everyone work from home and save on all the utility costs and car emissions.
  • Limit office cleaning budget.  Try DIY or draft helping hands for dusting and vacuuming, and make sure your office is filled with eco-friendly cleaning supplies.
  • Have face-to-face, in house meetings.  Yes, emails and text are convenient but to save on power walk a few steps or take the stairs to your colleague, supervisor or employees office.

Join us in taking care of the planet and boosting health at the same time.  Join us and go Tartan Green!

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