May 10, 2017
tartan properties prepping for the big office move

Prepping for the Big Office Move

March 2014 – For the sake of argument, let’s say you were keen enough to hire Tartan Properties Commercial, market leaders in tenant representation in to help you locate your new office space. Now, the heated negotiations are complete and the lease is signed and now you are faced with the daunting task of prepping for the big office move.

It is important to remember that it really doesn’t matter if you are 1,000 SF or 10,000 SF – the headaches and tasks to perform are all the same. Therefore, our clients are always asking for suggestions or referrals for IT companies and movers, which we are happy to provide. But, here is the TARTAN Moving Checklist that will help when prepping for the big office move. Let us know if we can be of any assistance.

Prepping for the Big Office Move

  • Survey new space for IT/ telephone needs.
  • Solicit proposals for moving companies.
  • Solicit proposals for IT/telephone providers as soon as possible (lead time can be long).
  • Contact all utility companies for service connection one day prior to move-in and disconnection at former office one day following move-out. (if needed).
  • Obtain Certificate of Occupancy from local governmental jurisdiction if there is a change of use.
  • Get the contact information for the property manager or landlord.
  • Obtain Insurance Certificate as required in the lease and send to landlord or property manager.
  • Have any relevant city inspections completed if necessary depending on your use.
  • Change locks and security access codes for new space.
  • Reserve moving elevator, loading ramp or obtain reserved street parking permits for both the new and old locations for moving trucks.
  • Create a mass mailing or email to notify friends, clients, vendors, suppliers of change of address.
  • Submit mail forwarding information with the US Postal Service at
  • Update the new address on all printed materials, website, and phone book.
  • Order new stationary, business cards, signage for building if necessary.
  • Cancel any cleaning, regular delivery services to current space.
  • Finalize new seating plan for staff.
  • Arrange for staff to tour new space a couple of weeks prior to the move.
  • Hire trash disposal and contract with cleaning company if necessary.

Moving Day

  • Disconnect computer equipment prior to movers arriving.
  • Have cold drinks and lunch on hand for movers.
  • Stand aside and let the pros do the moving.

Post Move

  •  Make any necessary repairs to former space after move-out.
  • Request a walk-through with your former landlord to identify any remaining issues with your occupancy.
  • Request in writing to have your security deposit returned for former location pursuant to your lease.
  • Have copy of new lease with building rules & regulations on hand, it will answer many questions that you will have as you get situated in your new building.
  • Invite TARTAN PROPERTIES to your office warming party!

Tartan Properties Commercial is a leader in Northern Virginia commercial real estate sales and leasing since 1973. Call our office today for more information on our tenant representation services or for recommendations of top design and architecture firms.

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